Communications and Media

This assignment will ask you to read a nonverbal communication research article and write a response.

this assignment will ask you to read a nonverbal communication research article and write a response. Your responses should be between 2-2.5 pages. You should reference material from the article and class discussions in your answers, as well as examples from your own lives where applicable. The Power of Empathy: The Dual Impacts of an Emotional Voice in Organizational Crisis Communication (De Waele, Schoofs, & Clayes, 2020). First, you will be asked to provide a summary of the major findings of the article. After the summary, please answer the following questions in your own words add a conculuson of what you learned at the end. Your responses should compose 2-2.5 pages.
1. Why is empathy important to evoke in response to crises in organizations? Please provide examples from the article to support your answer.
2. Think of a time in your life when you saw a response to a scandal or crisis (i.e. celebrity apology video, CEO’s response to scandal, etc.). What emotions were they trying to evoke with their response? More specifically, what elements of their voice indicated the emotions they were trying to express?
3. What is the main takeaway of this study? What can you take away from this article that could be applied to improve communication in your life or workplace?
Article below:


You do not need to provide a transcript of the interview.

You are to conduct an “Informational Interview” with a person whom you deem to have achieved
financial success. You should choose to interview someone you admire or want to learn more
about. Please submit a paper reporting on your findings and the specific items noted below. This
paper is to be done individually.
1. Please provide background information on the person you have selected to interview, and
indicate why you have selected this person.
2. Please describe why you view this person as successful, and cite examples/reasons for your
belief including specific examples of how they gained their financial success.
3. Please explain how you define financial “success” for the purposes of this interview.
4. Please describe the personal AND professional traits you believe one needs to display in
order to be financially successful.
5. What specific traits do you admire in the person you have selected to interview? How have
those traits influenced his/her success? What traits does he/she think are integral to his/her
6. What did you learn from this person, and how will you apply it in your own life?
7. You may NOT interview somebody that has inherited their wealth or won the lottery
1. Double spaced, 1-inch margins, and 11-pt Times New Roman font.
2. You do not need to provide a transcript of the interview.
3. Your report cannot exceed 4 pages (not including cover page) in length. If it exceeds 4
pages in length, you will receive a 10% penalty.
4. Your name, student number and section number must be indicated clearly on your
assignment. Missing items will result in a 10% penalty.
You will receive a grade out of 10 marks for this assignment. Your grade will depend on the depth
and quality of your coverage of the points listed above in the “deliverables” section. If you expect
to earn a grade of between 8-10 you must ensure you have conducted an “in-depth” interview and
presented strong insight on what it takes to be financially successful. Average responses will
receive an average grade. Marks may be deducted at the discretion of the marker if they feel that
little effort was put into this assignment.
You may NOT re-submit this assignment at a later date for any reason.


Description of the local context: 1–2 slides

Assignment: Project publish PowerPoint Presentation
Using the feedback you have received from your colleagues and Instructor and the information you gained from your literature review, expand your project outline into a complete description of your project plan or proposal. Develop your project publish into a PowerPoint presentation that you will be able to share with your stakeholder audience. Use the following general guidelines for creating your presentation:
Problem statement and rationale: 2–3 slides
Summary of literature review: 2–3 slides
Goals for the project: 1 slide
Description of the local context: 1–2 slides
Activities, initiatives, or strategies to be used: 2–3 slides
Deliverables or outcomes – what the project should accomplish: 1–2 slides
How the project, if implemented, could be evaluated or assessed: 1–2 slides
A proposed timeline that could be followed to implement the project: 1–2 slides
A list of budgetary items – financial, human, or other resources – that would be needed to support the project: 1–2 slides
Appendices and bibliography as needed
Assignment length: 12–20 slides

Political Science

How does the united states rank in voter turnout when compared to other developed democracies?

Select ONE of the following topics to discuss for Writing Assignment 2. The writing assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. You should use information from the textbook and outside sources to complete the assignment in the textbook. You must include at least 3 outside sources referenced in both a Works Cited page and in-text citations. See the Writing Assignment Instructions for more information.
Read “In past elections U.S. trailed most countries in voter turnout.” How does the United States rank in voter turnout when compared to other developed democracies? According to your textbook, what are some of the causes of low voter turnout in the United States? Do you think it is important to have a high voter turnout? Why or why not? Discuss at least two ways to increase voter turnout. You should discuss proposals that are either being used in some states (or other countries) or have been proposed by voting rights advocates seeking to increase turnout in the United States. How successful have these proposals been at increasing turnout? Would these proposals actually increase turnout around the U.S. or would people resist the proposals you have discussed? Why or why not?
There are some groups that remain restricted from voting in some or all parts of the U.S. (for example, immigrants legally admitted to the United States and people under 18). One potential group that has been in the news lately is ex-felons. Voting restrictions on ex-felons (those that have completed their prison sentence) vary from state to state. What are some of the different voting restrictions placed on ex-felons by states? In the past few years, there has been a push in some states to restore voting rights to ex-felons. What are the arguments for and against restoring voting rights to ex-felons? Discuss the various methods being used to restore voting rights (for example, executive action by the governor, referendum passed by the public, actions in state legislatures, etc.) and include specific examples from two different states. Do you agree with restoring voting rights to ex-felons? Why or why not?
Current event paper (topic chosen by the student and approved by instructor): The purpose of this assignment is for students to provide their perspective on a domestic or foreign policy issue (for example, trade, cost of prescriptions drugs, military intervention, economic sanction, etc.). Students will prepare a summary and analysis of a current policy issue in American government. The issue must be reported in a news story during the term of the course (this news story is one of the sources you will use for the paper). A deeper understanding of the issue can be developed by reading additional articles or information on the topic. You must cite your reference (news story), as well as any other sources from which you use information in the writing assignment. The selected topic must be submitted to the instructor to ensure that it is appropriate for your analysis.


Write a robust and critical reflection that does not only summarize the main points of the articel.

each posting should be short but coherent paragraphs (400 words). write a robust and critical reflection that does not only summarize the main points of the articel. quotes: please quote the readings at least 4 times, for example: (Metzl P.5). avoid using long direct quotations. The quotes should be representative of the chapters. Make sure the citations are relevant and demonstrate you have read the assignes portions of the nook.


The paragraph should contain at least 75 words.

Goal and Purpose
The full Accounting Cycle (AC) includes a total of ten steps which is discussed and illustrated among three chapters. Step 6 of the AC is to record and post adjusting journal entries (AJE) (Similar to Step 1 and 2 but combined in 1 step) and is one of the major topic discussed in Chapter 3. For clarity reasons, step 6 will be split into 2 discussions, recording AJE (current discussion) and Posting AJE (next discussion).
The purpose of this discussion is to describe what is involve in recording AJE, explore the 5 different types of adjustments (accrued revenues, accrued expenses, unearned revenues, prepaid expenses, and depreciation), compare and contrast JE and AJE, , and exchange observations on what information must be included in AJE when they have been properly prepared.
Initial Post
Post a full paragraph consisting of 3 full sentences describing why the adjusting process is needed, how account and amount for adjusting journal entries (AJE) are determine. Use the following suggestions to guide your post:
Select one type of adjustment you are going to focus your initial post on. Choose from accrued revenues, accrued expenses, unearned revenues, prepaid expenses, and depreciation.
For the adjustment you selected, what account will you debited and what account will you credited and how will the amount debited and credited be determined. Please be as specific as possible as if you were teaching a friend on how to properly complete the step.
Comment on how the UTB (Unadjusted Trial Balance) may be used to determine the account and amount on AJE.
If you understand the step well, please share what helps you or if you have difficulty understanding the step, please share what you used to overcome your initial difficulties. An example of what may help is to read and study the “Summary of Adjusting Process” topic in the book.
Compare and contrast between recording journal entries (JE) versus adjusting journal entries (AJE). For example, both JE and AJE using double-entry accounting system. Each journal entry must have a debit side and credit side and the debit equals credit. In contrast, the cash account may be debited or credited in a JE, but you will never find the cash account being debited or credited in AJE.
The paragraph should contain at least 75 words.
In your post, you can add files, links, photos, equations, and/or media if it supports your position. Once you finish, click Reply button below.

Business and Management

Course name and number

** Please review and utilize ALL attachments / included links as they are required reading, background on the content, and required sources (Ch 5 of the course text is one of AT LEAST five required sources) ** Ch 5 text should be a primary source with multiple citations ** Review links included in instructions ** Focus is on a full written pages and not word count **
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 5 of your text (attached). Chapter 5 reference: London, M., & Mone, E. (2016, December). Leadership for today and the future (2nd ed.). Zovio.
The purpose of the Leadership Philosophy final paper is to articulate a rational, comprehensive, integrated system of thought regarding your fundamental beliefs, values, and knowledge that encompasses your personal and organizational dimensions of leadership.
In your paper:
Discuss your definition of leadership.
Defend your definition of leadership with scholarly literature.
Compose your personal statement of ethics as a leader.
Integrate how your values support your ethics as a leader.
Explain what steps, concepts, or principles that you adopt or utilize to make decisions and solve problems as a leader.
Knowing that all situations are different, summarize how you incorporate a multidisciplinary perspective.
Justify how your leadership approach allows for effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in an organization.
Develop three goals for your personal leadership development.
Explain how these goals will improve your leadership.
Summarize your Reflected Best Self feedback. Write a self-portrait of your best self that captures the wisdom in the data. Include the themes from the stories which you will weave together into a picture of yourself. (attachments titled with RBS)
Describe briefly who participated in this exercise and your relationship to each participant. This can be one to two paragraphs or a bullet-point list. (RBS)
Identify your leadership strengths you learned about yourself from this exercise.
Discuss the situations in which these strengths emerge.
Explain how these strengths help to shape your potential career path as a leader.
The Leadership Philosophy paper,
Must be 8 to 10 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references) pages and formatted according to APA Style.
Must include a separate title page with the following:
Title of paper in bold font
Space should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.
Student’s name
Name of institution
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due date
Must utilize academic voice.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
Must use at least four scholarly sources in addition to the course text (attached) = MINIMUM of five total sources.
Must document any information used from sources in APA Style
Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style
Carefully review the Grading Rubric (attached) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your order


Preferably, i like scenario a.

The instructions are in the document provided. Preferably, I like scenario A. Do NOT use any other source besides the one provided below. This assignment is adapted from chapter 3 if you need the book:

Internet Technology (IT)


In class, we have watched two videos regarding hardware side channel attacks, i.e., fault injection attack, and power analysis attack.

However, these two attacks are not limited to the approaches demonstrated in the video. Furthermore, there are a ton of other side channel attacks target various hardware.
For this assignment, you will find one hardware-related side channel attack, research and get a better understanding, and then summarize it using your own words. This attack you find can be fault injection or power analysis but with a different approach, or completely different attacks. Let me know if you can’t decide if the attack you find fits the requirement.
1. Your submission should be at least one page and at most two pages. You can include pictures, tables, etc. , to facilitate your illustration, but those pictures and tables are not counted towards the page limit, neither the references. Short answers will result in reduced grade.
2. You must use at least two references, one must be in writing, such as research papers or technical blogs write-ups. Another can be in writing or video. Clearly list the reference at the end.
3. The submission must be written in MS Word (if you use Mac, you can use office 365 online, Mason has group license for all students), using font “Calibri” and size 11. Single-space. 1 inch margin vertical and horizontal. The document must then be converted into PDF and submitted to Blackboard. Submission does not conform to this requirement is subject to 20% deduction minimum.
4. Your answer should be self-contained, which means it should tell the story that includes at least: what is this attack, what is the target of the attack, how this attack works and why does it work, and what are the countermeasures that can be used to address it. Your answer should reflect about 3-4 hours of work with reasonable workload, and you will be graded based on the obvious effort you have put in finding and explaining the attack, as well as your quality of writing.


Submit your assignment.

n this assignment, you are required to describe the role of each major area of the criminal justice system and discuss how the various areas of this system interact with one another. The assignment requires you to write a 4 page paper following APA style. To successfully complete this assignment, you are expected to read and study the key points and all assigned readings for this module. It is also highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the grading criteria provided. This criteria includes information on how your professor will grade your assignment. Ensure that you cover all relevant information expected of you in the assignment.
Action Items
Complete all required readings prior to working on this assignment.
In a 4 page paper, respond to the following:
Describe the role of each major area of the criminal justice system.
Discuss how the various areas interact with one-another to create the criminal justice system.
Integrate how the balance between the due process and crime control models is essential in a democratic society.
Select the area of the criminal justice system that you work in, or would like to work in, and explain why. How does this particular area function in relation to the other major areas of the criminal justice system?
Your response should be thorough and ensure you support your ideas with appropriate resources other than course textbooks.
Your paper is to include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. Format your title page, paper, and cite ALL sources according to APA guidelinesLinks to an external site..
Submit your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.
Review your Submission Details and access your Turnitin report. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback.
By the due date indicated, re-submit the final version of your work.