How will you deal with managing paying down debt?

Task Module 5
In order to improve the future financial health of Mercy Hospital, you will need to have a plan based on solid financial analyses. Consider the following questions to help you develop this plan.
What would you recommend about leadership in the department?
What technology resources would help to improve information management and billing?
How will you deal with managing paying down debt?
How will you address issues of product service lines that are not producing income?
What will you do to ensure accountability and ethical conduct in financial practices?
What strategies can be instituted to find new avenues for income without veering from the non profit mission of the hospital?
Submit a publish of the plan.


Compare oedipus the king to the bacchae, especially regarding human relationships with the gods.

Compare Oedipus the King to The Bacchae, especially regarding human relationships with the gods. How does the worldview of Euripides differ from that of Sophocles?


(closing statement

Select either the Decker plaintiff’s attorney arguing that the Metro PD has violated the 1st and 4th amendment violations of Decker or select the Metro PD Defendant attorney arguing that health and safety issues made the PD actions reasonable.
1. Prepare an Opening Statement detailed outline (Opening Statement Fully outlines the argument of Plaintiff /Defendant)
2. Prepare witness direct testimony questions (Direct Testimony Identify 6 questions for each direct witness)
3. Prepare cross examinations questions (identify 6 questions for each witness that would be cross-examined)
4. Prepare a closing statement detailed outline. (Closing Statement
Incorporates factual, legal, and case law into a final persuasive argument)


Please review the mla template provided as well as review mla purdue owl link below for assistance on the mla style.

Please use MLA Style with font of Arial or Times New Roman 12 point. Your essay must have a clear introduction, thesis statement, conclusion, works cited section and must be doubled spaced. Your essay must address your thesis clearly. You must directly cite from at least four sources in MLA form within the body of the essay and within the works cited section and have a word count minimum of 1000 words not counting the works cited section, title, or class information section of the essay. Please review the MLA template provided as well as review MLA Purdue OWL link below for assistance on the MLA style.
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Consider the community where you are from. What structures of power are embedded in this place, and how can you see differences in power in the way spaces are used and claimed? The MLA Style requirements below will be strictly enforced.


The facility is due for another survey very soon.

Chapter 17 Case Study – Analyze Joint Commission Standards:
Read the Joint Commission Information Management Standards in Chapter 17 of your Shaw textbook.
Read the Case Study at the end of Chapter 17.
Complete the 4 Case Study Tasks.
For Task #2: Make a table with two columns. In the first column copy the column in the text book with the heading of Patient. Your second column should have the heading QUAL CODE. Complete your analysis of the quality audit by filling in this column with the correct Key Code.
Answer the questions in Task 3 and Task 4 below your table. Your analysis should be thorough and detailed, as though you were giving these answers to your supervisor.
Case Study
Image During the last accreditation survey, a hospital had findings related to quality and timeliness of documentation. The facility is due for another survey very soon. To ensure that the hospital is in compliance with the Joint Commission documentation standards, you need to conduct a quality audit. This audit should carefully assess documentation compliance for history and physicals (H&Ps) and operative reports (Ops). A history and physical report must be available in the patient’s health record before any surgical procedure can begin. The H&P can be completed up to 30 days prior to the procedure as long as the surgeon updates any information prior to starting the procedure. The Op must be dictated by the surgeon within 24 hours of the procedure to be compliant. You have assigned one of your staff to collect data from patient records to accomplish this task. The staff member collected data for the month of December for quality and timeliness of documentation.
The data collected are presented in figure 17.6.
Case Study Tasks
1. Review the collected data.
2. Assign the appropriate quality code using the key located at the bottom of figure 17.6.
3. Analyze the data:
a. Which code is most common?
b. Is there one service that seems to be a problem?
c. What can you conclude from the data about compliance with documentation standards?
4. What measures do you need to implement to correct any documentation compliance issues?
Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare, 7th Edition
Patricia Shaw and Darcy Carter (2019)


Is the future of the firm a product line or set of product lines or is the future a collection of products that don’t fit into the product line concept?

The product, the product line, and the life cycle deliverable
This important deliverable further develops the nature of the business over time by addressing the following items.
a. Would a product, a service, or maybe some sort of combination better serve the customers’ needs? What options are there and provide a defendable rationale for your choice, making it clear that you considered the other options.
b. Is the future of the firm a product line or set of product lines or is the future a collection of products that don’t fit into the product line concept? Describe and provide a rationale.
c. What aspects of the “whole product” concept, including branding and packaging, are and are not relevant, and why?
d. From what you have learned, what is your plan to stay ahead of your competition and keep your business relevant and healthy?
e. As the business grows, what changes in roles, processes, life cycles, and products do you see being needed and why? Support your position with references from your reading and any research you may have done.
Are there any potential changes to your vision based on any new insights from this week’s work? If so, be sure to capture them so you can address them at the end of the course.
This deliverable should be consistent in style and format with the others you have produced and should be 3 to 4 pages in length.


How would you address it?

This is a reflective journal and should be addressed as a patient being seen in the clinic.
Goal/Learning Objective :
After choosing one of the options in part one, answer all of the following questions in one paragraph, providing your thoughts and insight into this experience: What was your goal/learning objective for this unit’s clinical experience? How does this new information combined with prior knowledge and beliefs carry forward into your future practice?
Academic Resources:
In one paragraph or more explain what academic sources did you read on this topic, and what were the notable findings? (These should be other than your course textbooks). Include any pertinent data important to this topic.
Cultural Knowledge Discuss one of the questions below in one paragraph :
1. Name one specific cultural consideration that could impact the implementation of this knowledge, and explain how you would address it? OR 2. For a specific patient seen in clinical, explain an aspect of the patient’s culture that would need to be addressed during the implementation of this knowledge. How would you address it?
In one paragraph discuss how would you use the information that you have learned to educate a patient/appropriate family member who is uninformed on this topic?
In one paragraph discuss what were the challenges you faced in integrating this information into the care of a patient you saw during this unit’s clinical experience?
APA / Mechanics:
Professionally written, utilizes academic resources published in the last five (5) years, appropriate grammar and sentence structuring, and correct APA referencing and APA format.

Business and Management


Hi! This assignment has case questions to be answered and our prof wants us to use the frameworks used in class. It doesnt have to be all frameworks just whatever is necessary. I am not asking for a A+ kind of work since I am also not the best student in class, I’m just aiming for an A- or B+. Don’t have to make it unbelievabley good. Moreover, you don’t have to write one whole continuous essay, you can also just answer it question by question. There is no need for sources as prof just wants us to analyze the case itself with the lessons we learned in class, just apply what we learned kind of thing. Please no plagiarism as they do check through turnitin :((
The strategy frameworks we learned are:
– Pestel
– Porter’s 5 forces
– Core competencies
– Resource based view model
– VRIO Framework
– Dynamic Capabilities
– Value Chain
– Strategic activity systems
– Swot
Stragies used in class:
– Cost Leadership
– Differentiation
– Blue Ocean Strategy
I have attached multiple files. The case study the assignment is on and the case question. The other files you can use as reference to what we learned in class and the above strategies and frameworks i mentioned. I have also attached the rubric.


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Questions to answer:
Why are price decisions a marketing function and how are they connected to the marketing mix?
It doesn’t have to be a full page. It just needs to be substantive. !!!!! Please follow the discussion question grading rubric attached!!!!!!
Krystal Dungan’s reply to the above discussion question:
Marketing mix is also known as the four P’s; Product, price, place, and promotion which are a controllable set of activities that a firm uses to respond to the wants of its target market. With price being a core to the marketing mix the decisions as to price as a marketing function is highly important. In our readings both this week and previous weeks we know that pricing is crucial when it comes to selling a product. Setting a price too low can cause customers to question its value but setting a price to high could cause customers to steer away from buying it as they may look for a generic version of it that falls within their price range. Price needs to not only fall in line with what our consumers can and will pay but will also need to allow us to meet our goals and turn a profit. Price must also ALWAYS be aligned with the 3 other elements from the marketing mix.
The YouTube video provided in this weeks content provided a great example using a café. They note that we would be sending mixed signals if we opened a café with high quality décor and product and then sold that product at an extremely low price. In our readings in this class I also recall a comparison of if Coach was to start a new line they would likely go with a high-end retailer such as Saks Fifth Avenue as opposed to JCPenney as the clientele at both establishments have expectations as to the pricing with in both of these large retailers.
If a company was to make the wrong price decision when it came time to market it could cause them to lose out on profits and or could cause them to fail entirely in the long run with whatever they are trying to launch (i.e. new business or product/service line).
Assignment is to respond to this student’s post. Please don’t be argumentative. Just agree or disagree and give a reason or
just add on to the reply. This doesn’t have to be a full page.
Text Book chapter 14 and 15
Regis Library
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Password: United@123
Please use outwrite to help with grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, etc.
Grewal, Dhruv, & Levy, Michael. (2014) Marketing (4th ed.) New York, NY: Irwin McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-802900-4 | ISBN-10: 0-07-802900-7
Other important links
Marketing Mix/Product in 4 P’s
Price; Marketing’s Most Delicate “P”
Elasticity and pricing – Khan Academy
The Marketing Mix – Pricing

Pricing Strategy An Introduction

Changes in market equilibrium


Why did policy-makers think this was necessary?

Your assignment for this paper is to present an
opinion paper based in solid scientific evidence about Legalizing medicinal marijuana. Find atleast 6 peer-reviewed sources. In your 2-3 page opinion paper (NOT including
bibliography page), be sure to consider the following:
• How did this policy get enacted? Why did policy-makers think this was
necessary? (If it isn’t enacted yet, why is it thought to be needed and what is
preventing it from being enforced?)
• What scientific evidence supports your position?
• What scientific evidence refutes your position?
• Should this policy be continued, modified, or discontinued? How and why?
Your document will also be checked for
originality using the Turnitin software within the Assignment #3 folder on D2L. In order
to receive full credit for your work, you should have a similarity score less than or
equal to 15%.